The Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona



Awe-inspiring red rocks surround us.

Breathtaking scenes are everywhere.

This beautiful place is heaven on earth.

It is peaceful. Comfort to the soul.

A paradise for artists, poets and writers.

The vortex attracts us and monsoon rains

come and go. We came here for the beauty

and found satisfying eye candy and more.

Words cannot describe the feeling of

being at ease in Sedona. Refreshed and

renewed, we return to our “normal”

lives but with many lasting memories.

Tlaquepaque awaits and beckons us.

My soul bursts with joy at the red

earth, the cactus, magnificent sunsets

and with the knowledge that I shall

return soon. The red rocks summon

and offer peace and serenity.

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8 Responses to The Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona

  1. Gorgeous photos! I’m enjoying your trip.

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  2. says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    die Begeisterung aus deiner Berichterstattung ist spürbar.In Gedanken war ich bei Euch.
    Mein Vater war vor Jahren schon von dieser faszinierenden Landschaft Amerikas begeistert ,und hat mein Fernweh geweckt.Leider lassen sich nicht alle Träume verwirklichen.Ich freue mich für Dich,daß Du mit deinerTochter eine solch wunderbare Zeit verlebt hast und eine solch außergewöhnliche Excursion durchführen konntest.Von deinen Eindrücken wirst Du sicher noch lange zehren können.
    Alles Liebe und Gute
    Dein Arno

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    • Dear Arno, thanks for another insightful comment about our wonderful vacation in Arizona. You know the expression “where there’s a will, there’s a way” because the German is very similar? If you travel to no other place in the US, you should definitely include Arizona and Sedona on your list. It is worth the effort and memories will last a lifetime. Have a lovely weekend, Mary Ann 🙂


  3. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, these photos are glorious and your sense of awe and pure joy is palpable – such vast beauty puts the everyday into perspective. Yes, if definitely looks like ‘heaven in earth’. You know I much I want to venture to this place or similar…can’t wait to see it for real! Enjoy the rest of your amazing holiday! 😀❤️

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    • In your lifetime, this should be on your bucket list. The Grand Canyon is only two hours from Sedona and will captivate your imagination. I am still basking in the red rocks! So magical. ^__^ Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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