School’s Out! Wanderlust?


Time for wanderlust, hobbies and play.
Time to sleep in.
Time to turn off all devices.
Play with friends and use imaginations.
Life is good. Grab that book!
Share quality family time.
Take that trip on your bucket list.
Read, read, read.
Walk in nature. Enjoy the weather!
Write in your journal. Try poetry.
Write in cursive penmanship!
Take voice lessons or sing in the choir.
Stop everything and stop saying
you do not have time.
Each of us has the same 24 hours per day.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
So this summer, I will renew my
wanderlust and acquaint my daughter with the
Grand Canyon and Sedona.
For if not now, then when?
Stop hurrying here and there and
take time to see and enjoy life!
May all my readers enjoy their
summer with that book or trip.
Time to simply BE.


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12 Responses to School’s Out! Wanderlust?

  1. Time to just enjoy… 🙂

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  2. Russell Nemecek says:

    Nicely done. There is no time like the present.

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  3. Annika Perry says:

    A wonderful celebratory poem as school holidays begin and reminding us all to stop, enjoy and be in the moment! 😀 I can empathise with this completely as my son took his last exam on Friday and is now on holiday until September (they usually break up end July!) – he’s just getting into holiday mode! Just in time as a heatwave has hit the UK with a vengeance and I keep thinking I’m back in Florida – alas no air-conditioning here though!😀

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    • Thanks for your lovely comment, Annika. It has to be awful with no AC. My daughter and I head to Arizona where the heat is very high. Today 114 alone. (about 46C) But with AC. Enjoy those lazy, hazy days of summer with your family! 🙂

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  4. Arno Bode,cologne,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie viel Erfolg für die guten Vorsätze die kommende Sommerzeit erholsam zu meistern.Mach die to do Liste nicht zu umfangreich.Genieße jeden Augenblick.Auf Dein kreatives Schaffen bin ich gespannt.
    Eine wunderschöne Sommerzeit und alles Liebe,
    Dein Arno

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    • Danke, Arno. Ich schreibe weiter aber mache eine Reise mit meiner Tochter nach Arizona. Das ist ihr Geburtstagsgeschenk. Ich werde eine kleine Pause machen und zwar nur 3 Wochen. Ich habe jetzt richtig Wanderlust. Ich hoffe, dass Ihr auch schoene Sommerzeit habt. Viel Spass. Deine Mary Ann 🙂


  5. thesmilingtoucan says:

    Beautiful photos! And I love your insights! 🙂

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