Detours, Closures, Local Traffic Only


Warm weather and road work go hand in hand. Last fall I noticed a digital sign which mentioned bridge work along a major thoroughfare. But it never came to fruition that I could see.

Today’s warm weather invited me to the park for a walk along the lake. Orange detour signs sent me in a wide circle. Dutifully I drove following the orange detour signs. Puzzled anew as I turned, I was told that street was closed and to detour. Now I retraced my route following orange signs with arrows which wound around more back roads. Finally I thought I could find a way into the park. No such luck!


Again, the sign declared that the road was closed and to follow the detour signs. Now I was puzzled and mildly annoyed. This time, I opted to ignore the signs and read the fine print: road closed except for local traffic. Am I local traffic I asked myself? Throwing caution to the wind, I drove my customary route to the park. The closer I got, the more the signs warned me that the road was closed. Yikes. Forsooth.

The one lane bridge was closed for repair work. The park was open. Breathing a sigh of relief, I found a parking place and started my walk along the lake. The teacher in me kept thinking that the road signs could have clarified more clearly that the park was open, but the one lane bridge was closed for repairs.

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8 Responses to Detours, Closures, Local Traffic Only

  1. Arno Bode,cologne,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    hier bei uns gibt es eine Redewendung ,die da lautet-es führen viele Wege nach Rom-.Das heist ,Hauptsache man erreicht sein Ziel.
    Wenn man die schönen Frühlingsbilder mit der Frühlingssonne sieht,dann hat sich die Mühe für den Parkspaziergang sicherlich gelohnt.
    Ich wünsche Dir ,das Du zukünftig Dein Ziel am See unbeschwerter erreichen kannst.
    Dir und Deiner Familie ,alles Liebe,
    Dein Arno

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    • Ah, ha! All roads lead to Rome. We have that saying as well. The person in charge of signage could have done a much better job. I live in the area and can only imagine what others who do not live here think of us. After driving in a circle, I ignored all the signs and decided to write the blog post. Yes, our weather was beautiful and sunny. Thank you for your comment and for reminding me of what is important here. Enjoy your weekend. Appreciated, Arno. ^__^


  2. Annika Perry says:

    Grr…those gremlins signs trying to thwart your outing! Glad you got to the park at last, Mary Ann! 😀 It looks lovely and the sunset is stunning.

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    • Thanks, Annika. Those gremlins can be annoying. Your comment is much appreciated. We’re back to fall weather today. Grrr to that.44F or 7C and a wind chill of 3C or 38F. Time to bundle up with a sweater outdoors. ^__^

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  3. We can’t escape our roots (you being a teacher), can we? Fun journey–well, since I was in my desk chair, it was fun!

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    • Once a parent, always a parent. Once a teacher, always a teacher. Even this morning at the Dr.’s office, the nurse remarked that she could tell I was a teacher because I was “accurate” as we conversed. I told her that the only difference now is that I don’t hold that red pen in my hand. Sometimes when I waited in offices, I corrected papers and did not even realize I had that red pen in hand. Someone would walk by and remark that I must be a teacher. I wondered if I was that obvious. It was the red pen. 🙂 🙂


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