Fast As Lightning




Quick as a flash of lightning, I accepted a challenge by fellow blogger Annika Perry to try my hand at writing a fast-paced poem for this week’s blog.  It actually uses the German word blitz to describe the form.  Contained within are events of the past week.

Pomegranate and Awaken

 cut the chase

cut the pomegranate

pomegranate arils

pomegranate tasty

tasty and sweet

tasty and red

red robin bobbin’

red robin in garden

garden snow-covered

garden still dormant

dormant only parsley

dormant but for daffodils

daffodils trying to flower

daffodils not ready

ready for yellows

ready for spring

spring in your step

spring showers

showers gently falling

showers bring green

green buds

green leaves

leaves in table

leaves on trees

trees swaying

trees housing birds

birds finding worms

birds singing

singing arias

singing anthems

anthems sweet

anthems in choir

choir rehearsals

choir practice

practice piano

practice voice

voice soprano

voice coach

coach sports

coach the team

team members

team spirit

spirit renewed

spirit and souls

souls praying

souls awaken

awaken cues

awaken nature








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17 Responses to Fast As Lightning

  1. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, I just love your Blitz poem!! 😀 This is wonderful and flows with quick ease. There are lovely touches throughout – for example as it switches between topics such as ‘ready for spring / spring in your step’ and ‘team spirit / spirit renewed’, the latter linking from team spirits to the renewal of one’s spirits as Spring is arriving (albeit slowly!). You capture the essence of Spring itself whilst also sharing interesting details of your life – I know how much music is part of your life and I enjoyed reading about the piano and choir practice. Well done and so glad you took up the challenge!😀❤️ BTW the photographs are great and give a real feel of the winter you are still experiencing. I also enjoy taking pictures of animal tracks in the snow and I see you’re having some tree-felling work. Have a lovely rest of the weekend! It’s Mothering Sunday here tomorrow so I’m expecting to be spoilt! 😀

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    • Well, happy mothering Sunday to you, Annika. I know you will be spoiled in a royal fashion by the men in your family! Glad you discovered the way my mind worked with this poem challenge too. It was fun. Now let me find the link to the “rules” of the poem. title. Thank you for such positive feedback. Much appreciated.

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      • Well, here are some rules especially on how to name the poem:
        •Line 1 should be one short phrase or image (like “build a boat”)
        •Line 2 should be another short phrase or image using the same first word as the first word in Line 1 (something like “build a house”)
        •Lines 3 and 4 should be short phrases or images using the last word of Line 2 as their first words (so Line 3 might be “house for sale” and Line 4 might be “house for rent”)
        •Lines 5 and 6 should be short phrases or images using the last word of Line 4 as their first words, and so on until you’ve made it through 48 lines
        •Line 49 should be the last word of Line 48
        •Line 50 should be the last word of Line 47
        •The title of the poem should be three words long and follow this format: (first word of Line 3) (preposition or conjunction) (first word of line 47)
        •There should be no punctuation

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  2. I absolutely love the symmetry and flow of your piece. I read it through three times and was able to feel myself being shuttled along, as if inside interlocking links. Wonderful connectivity Dr. Mary. Enjoyed it.

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    • How wonderful to hear your kind and appreciative words. I tried to follow the “rules” of writing such a poem. Annika Perry didn’t realize when she wrote hers that were rules regarding writing the title of the poem. I added the rules under one of my replies on this post. I actually find myself re-reading it and finding new images based on feedback. Thank you, kind sir. How is Boulder these days?

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      • Salem Massachusetts is wonderful Dr. Mary. I rewrote Mytwosentences 156-161. Preston Tapley Chronicles are back on track. My last 6 posts were bad. Just bad. Thank you for your inspirational and continuous support, it helped me realize my sloppiness.

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      • No need for apologies. We all have our “off” days and we are our own worse critics. Salem? How did I miss that. I am Massachusetts born, Palmer. Last place we lived was Sturbridge before we moved to Colorado when I was 10. I will have to look again at 156-161. Thanks and have a wonderful day. Happy writing!

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  3. Bun Karyudo says:

    I liked it, not least because of all the spring imagery since I’m looking forward to pleasant spring weather arriving very soon now. 🙂

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