Breakfast on a Winter Morning

Sun streams through the windows on a snowy winter morning as I enjoy a breakfast from many countries. Glancing at food labels has become a habit.  Today I noticed a large label on my honeydew melon declaring it to be a product of Honduras.  My creative train of thought paused to recall friends from this country.  Blueberries and blackberries sported labels from Chile and Mexico.  The Greek yogurt is produced in New York.  Pomegranate juice is from California.  I conjure up visions of distant places and the fruits of their labor.

Thoughts wander to earlier times when jet planes, computers and technology did not exist. People enjoyed the harvest of their own gardens and labor which were often canned and preserved to consume during long winter months.  Sometimes I add a warm oatmeal to my usual fruit and yogurt breakfast as I ponder how lucky I am to be able to enjoy such breakfasts.

Mr. Rabbit has left his tracks in the driveway which then disappear under the parked cars. I look for tracks in the snow and step outside to enjoy a rare sunny day in winter.  The newspaper reports the latest tallies in the snowfall amounts of cities across the US which are similar in size to where we live in Upstate New York. We are ahead in the race with over 100″ of snow thus far with more winter yet to come.  We are approaching our average now.


I Wonder

What do people the world over
eat for breakfast? Bread, butter,
marmalade? Eggs, cheese, sausage?
Fruit and yogurt? Honey?  Coffee, tea?

Hearty oatmeal with brown sugar?
Milk? Grapefruit? Orange juice?
Bacon, ham, hash browns?
Donuts, Danish, muffins, bagels?

Breakfast is the most important
meal of the day, nutritionists inform.
Espresso starts my day.
I wonder why some folks skip breakfast?


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16 Responses to Breakfast on a Winter Morning

  1. Emily says:

    Great blog sounds delicious! I love the photos the snow and the sky look stunning. So beautiful and peaceful! Great post 🙂

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  2. Arno Bode,cologne ,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    ein wunderschön geschriebener Bericht der uns verdeutlicht in welch komfortabelen Wohlstandsgesellschaft wir uns heute befinden.Es ist noch gar nicht so lange her als man nur zur entsprechenden Jahreszeit Früchte und Gemüse zur Verfügung hatte.Schätzen wir uns glücklich heute einen soch umfangreich gedeckten Tisch vorzufinden.Im Unterbewusstsein schwingt auch ein wenig Dankbarkeit mit.
    Mit deinen Fotos vermittelst Du den Zauber des Winters,beschaulich und friedvoll.
    Es erfüllt mit großer Freude Deine einfühlsamen Veröffentlichungen zu lesen.
    Dir und deiner Familie alles Gute und für Dich eine schaffensreiche kreative Zeit.
    Liebe Grüße aus Cologne
    Dein Arno

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    • Herzlichen Dank, Arno. Your insightful comment was much appreciated. I find beauty in nature where some might complain about the cold and snow. It is all just part of His scheme of things, and I am thankful. Your kind words touched me. I hope you have a relaxing three weeks skiing and enjoying nature and wholesome meals. It’s odd as I write how the German or French words seem to pop into my head before English. The brain is interesting. I hope you have good driving weather for your trip. Liebe Grüße aus Upstate New York. Deine Mary Ann 🙂


  3. Sageleaf says:

    Breakfast is my favorite meal: my husby makes breakfast each day, we sit and eat together and it’s always hearty so I can head to work all powered up for a good day. 🙂
    Love your poem and imaginings. Enjoy the snow…and your espresso. 🙂

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    • Thanks for your lovely comment which I truly appreciate. I agree about breakfast. Could you tell me a typical hearty breakfast in your house?


      • Sageleaf says:

        Hehe…just finished eating breakfast, actually. 🙂 We had omelettes with seasoned veggie crumbles and kale, and had croissants with some cream cheese (not that that’s supremely healthful, but still yummy!). We also had carrot juice. So good!


      • I shall have to try carrot juice. I love lemonade with beet juice at our local farm to table restaurant. Omelets are so tasty. Your breakfast sounds like fun even if the croissants with cream cheese are not as healthy. Guten Appetit! Enjoy your week ahead. ^__^


  4. Bun Karyudo says:

    You know, oatmeal, fruit and yogurt sounds like a delicious, healthy breakfast.

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  5. Annika Perry says:

    Lovely musings over your breakfast and how true…I’ve often pondered how far the food has travelled! I love cereal with fresh fruit and yogurt too and enjoy eating it in peace. In the summer we pick our own fruit when we can. Still snow with you I see and I smiled at the prints left by the rabbits, probably seeking shelter and warmth under the car!

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    • Thanks for sharing your delightful breakfasts as well. We have some berries which we try to get before the birds do. Blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries to name a few. I still wait for fruit from our pawpaw trees. My husband seems to think we have no female trees and just male trees. He’s probably correct in that assumption. We are able to enjoy fruits and berries from around the world and all year long, thanks to our favorite supermarket, Wegmans, whose roots are in Upstate New York. What fruits does your garden have? It seems that every other year we have a bumper crop of apples on our two trees.

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      • Annika Perry says:

        In the summer we tend to grow strawberries and have cherries from the tree. However we pick lots of blackberries end of August and in Sweden go blueberry picking nearly every day as well as finding wild raspberries; these are particularly divine.

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      • I used to pick and find wild strawberries in the hills of Tennessee where I lived while I did university teaching. So yummy. There are many places around here to pick your own berries which we also do from time to time. Nothing like fresh berries. I remember my mother’s blueberry pies. My poem entitled Little Blue Mouths spoke of our picking blueberries as young children. Mainly empty pails but blue mouths. We were content! Enjoy your berries at breakfast!

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  6. Thank you for your wonderful blog with photographs.
    Breakfast is my favourite meal : simple – with fruit, milk without cream but very warm – roasted bread, 2 slices one with cheese, the other one with jam- and a piece of cake !
    amitiés – france 🙂

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