Life’s Ups and Downs


The Pensive Poet

Reflecting life today,
pen to paper, I jot down
thoughts. Ups and downs,
ins and outs. Sadness and
laughter. The good comes
with the bad sometimes.
How did others before me

Forcing myself outdoors
to fetch the mail, I feel frosty air
on my face.  I notice the
rabbits have been roaming
the property for meager morsels.
Moments lumber slowly on.
With or without me, life

Yearn for laughter and smiles.
The phone rings to report a
new job. New beginnings.
Life is indeed a winding and
bumpy journey. Light and dark.
Tears of sadness and joy. The
candle is lit and snuffed out again.
Life – joyful, hopeful.


Note:  some photos are done by my creative niece Sally who blogs from Costa Rica.

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4 Responses to Life’s Ups and Downs

  1. Bun Karyudo says:

    Life certainly does have its twists and turns. Some of the bad parts I could do without, to be honest, but perhaps they’re just there to help us realize how good the other parts are.

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