Happy Veteran’s Day!


Red, White and Blue

Our flag – proudly displayed
in classrooms, courts, homes and
churches. The Pledge of Allegiance
recited. One nation, under God.

Armistice – later Veteran’s Day.
Thanks and gratitude expressed:
courage, bravery, our men and
women serve to preserve

freedom. Maintain peace.
Love of country, valiant,
patriotism, devotion, and
sacrifice. Above all, love.

Dedicated service to our
country and world. They
volunteered to preserve
peace and prosperity.

Every day, but especially
this day should honor all
these men and women
for their commitment.

Because of you, I can live
in freedom and democracy.
Thank you for your dedication.
Thank you, Veterans, one and all.

I am grateful for you,
the Red, White and Blue!
Home of the free!
Home of the brave!

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