Hush Now! Listen!


Hush Now! Listen!

Exuberantly Mother Nature
attempts to lure and entice
us with meandering mountain
streams and brooks. Comforting

sounds to our ears. The
creatures in tropical climates
offer varied sights and music
to our ears. Gazing at

soothing colors of birds, butterflies,
and a myriad of moths, we
are coaxed into wonderment.
There is mystery in the thick,

dense lush verdant forests.
Nature flourishes abundantly
in the tropics. Pleasing to the
eye. Warmer than here.


The delicate wings of
the tiny hummingbird
beguile as it pauses in
flight to kiss the blossom.

Ah, if only life were as
serene. I long for solitary
moments alone in nature.
Hush now. Listen, my soul!




All photos in these post are courtesy of my very talented photographer niece, Sally Dolak. You may view more on her blog from Costa Rica where she currently resides.


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17 Responses to Hush Now! Listen!

  1. Arno Bode,cologne ,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    wundervoll ist Deine Darstellung wie Du die Wunder der Natur und die Geschehnisse des Erlebens der Natur beschreibst.Hervorragende Fotos unterlegen die beschriebenen Stimmungen.Kompliment und Anerkennung zu solch ausdrucksvollem Bericht und so gefühlsstarker Beschreibung.
    Liebe Grüße an Dich und Deine Familie
    Dein Arno

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    • Your comment is much appreciated. Thank you, Arno. I am glad I conveyed my feelings about nature I such a way as to touch your life. Come back and visit again. Grüße an Deine Familie und an Dich auch. Deine Mary Ann 🙂


  2. Beautiful pictures and poem. I love hummingbirds.

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  3. beautiful and thank you – my grandmother loved hummingbirds and we all always try to have a feed wherever we live in her memory

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  4. Nourish your soul and its garden will flourish. Beautiful.

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