Get Ready for Old Man Winter!

Cold, soaking rains followed by winds and falling leaves usually indicate the end of Autumn. While I love the colors of this season, I would appreciate warmer temperatures. We are fortunate to have four seasons in Upstate New York. One last look around our gardens yielded pleasant colors and few surprises as the carpet of leaves begins to cover the lawn. It is now a matter of time. Enjoy the last few days of Autumn weather before winter arrives. Brrr.


Old Man Winter

Blowing north winds
force colorful leaves off
the trees. Cold rains
cause leaves to adhere
to shoe bottoms.

Weather forecasters predict
snow this week. We hope
they are mistaken. Paying
them heed with the snow
brush in the vehicle and

tarp down on garage floor,
we declare ourselves prepared.
Cashmere-lined leather gloves
in wool coat pockets. Snow sneakers by
the door. Wool and fleece

are ready to be donned.
Seems difficult to fathom
that we left warm beach
weather behind last week
to return home to snow.


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10 Responses to Get Ready for Old Man Winter!

  1. Annika Perry says:

    Brrr indeed! I can’t imagine snow yet but sounds as if you’re well prepared. Oh, I’ve never come across cashmere lined leather gloves but reckon they must be perfect for the cold. It is odd how quickly the cold seems to come upon and although we haven’t had frost yet all the winter gear is ready for us. Tomorrow I’m off I to Sweden for a few day so will definitely need it then. Lovely poem, Mary Ann and atmospheric photos – love the leaf one and your dahlias are glorious splash of colour!

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  2. Arno Bode,cologne ,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann
    eine interessante Betrachtung über den kommenden Winter.Zum Abschied des Herbstes hast Du wundervolle Fotos veröffentlicht.Ich nehme an ,Du hast Dich in all den Jahren seit dem Du in dieser Region wohnst schon auf den kommenden Winter vorbereitet.
    Du lebst im einem Teil der Vereinigten Staaten wo die Natur dem Vernehmen nach noch relativ in Ordnung scheint.Dem Winter lassen sich auch schöne Momente und Eindrücke abgewinnen.Nicht das Schmuddelwetter in der Übergangsphase,sondern der Reiz von Sonnenschein nach frischem Schneefall macht den Reiz aus.Aus meiner Sicht könnte ich Dir dieses Empfinden mit vielen Fotos belegen.Ski fahren gehört für mich zu den reivollen Momenten des Winters.Mag sein ,daß der Winter in Deiner Region intensiever ist als in unseren Breiten.Das bevorstehende Weihnachtsfest mit Schnee (klingt doch richtig romantisch.Oder? )
    Wenn ich das veröffenlichte Starfoto deines Beitrags richtig interpretiere,dann scheint den ganzen kommenden Winter für Euch die Sonne.
    Alles,alles Liebe und Gute für die kommende Zeit,
    Dein Arno

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  3. Beautiful! And thanks for the lovely poem.

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  4. Lovely winter poem. It get a bit cold here in Florida for a few weeks in the winter. 39o once in a while. That’s when the heat goes on and the winter jackets come out, long pants, socks and gloves. I know it is nothing compared to the cold you have to bear but for us even 60o is cold.
    The photos are beautiful. Home is always where the heart is. Have a great season. :o)

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  5. Bun Karyudo says:

    I like the colors at this time of year too. I don’t mind it being cool, but when it gets downright cold, things can be a little tougher. With your cashmere-lined leather gloves
    in wool coat pockets, you seem to be rather well-prepared for everything that will be thrown at you by this winter. 😀

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