Alluring Butterfly



Softly, gently, you alight.
You hover over blossoms
so fragrant. Flitting
to and fro as if trying
to decide which flowers
hold the best-kept secrets.

If you could speak, I
wonder what you might tell
of your day’s work?
Dancing waltzes, you sway
to the music of breezes.
Quickly now a tango and

then off to the next
leaning flowers awaiting
your soft kisses. Oh,
little one, so merrily
hovering before a
quick sip of sweet nectar.

Will you return again
on the morrow and smile
at the colors awaiting
your visit? Or will you
travel onward to new
vistas? Endless journeys?

Meanwhile, I shall await
your return and marvel
at your beautiful and gentle
spirit. You bring hope and
comfort. Gift us your
peace and renew our souls!

We thirst for your presence!
Return quickly, gentle spirit.
Your colorful presence has
quieted my restless spirit.
Until we meet again, I
shall long for your return.

Addendum: My talented niece Sally in Costa Rica provides a splendid daily array of nature’s photos in Costa Rica. My deep gratitude for allowing me to showcase them here. My readers may also visit her blog at

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12 Responses to Alluring Butterfly

  1. Love this and the photos are fabulous! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Emily says:

    Beautiful post! I love the poem it is so descriptive and the photos are beautiful too! Fantastic job 😊

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  3. Arno Bode,cologne ,Germany says:

    Liebe mary Ann,
    Deine Nichte kann sich glücklich schätzen in Costa Rica in der Natur solch fantastischen Lebewesen zu begegnen.Mich begeistern ihre fotogafischen Schnappschüsse.Aber auch Dir muß ich meine Begeisterung ausgesprochen,wie Du es verstehst Emotionen undGefühlstimmungen in die richtige Wortwahl zu kleiden.Deine Leser sprechen Dir immer wieder dazu Bewunderung aus.Ich wünsch Dir und Deinen Lieben eine kreative Woche.
    Liebe Grüße
    Dein Arno

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    • Herzlichen Dank, Arno. Meine Nichte hat viel Talent. Thank you for noticing again my words which evoke emotions and feelings. My niece’s photography inspires me to write poetry. Ebenfalls, Grüß an Deine Familie. Deine Mary Ann ^__^


  4. Annika Perry says:

    Beautiful tender poem, Mary Ann and mirroring many of my own thoughts when I see these gracious creatures. Once again in awe of your niece’s photographs – inspired and very patient too!

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