A Chance Encounter

My daily walk at the lake park has long been a favorite ritual. How pleasant today’s weather was, and many folks were out and about. People in Upstate New York tend to be friendly and outgoing so it is quite common to greet others as you walk along the lake. One woman joked with me that her dogs were walking her. Both dogs weighed about 95 lbs. each and seemed to be pulling her along.

Snippets of conversations walked past. The park’s train brought passengers back and forth the 2.5 mile length from the Salt Museum to the SU boathouse. It was a special treat to walk during the morning hours. Just one year ago, I could not have done this since I was still teaching. I smiled to myself as I heard two people talk about kids, school and technology. I’ve been there; done that. Now I can focus in the moment and look and listen to nature.

Just as I was making mental notes about my blog post today, a pleasant looking gentleman wearing hiking boots inquired if this was the beginning of the walking trail. I laughed and said the beginning is wherever you want it to be. Inquiring where he was from, I learned Pennsylvania and that he was here for the weekend. We chatted a bit longer after I explained that the walking route turned back around at the SU boathouse. He mentioned a hiking club in PA. When I had finished my morning walk, I saw him again and told him of the walking trail on the other side of the lake. He appeared fatigued so I asked if he needed a ride back to the Salt Museum. He did, and we chatted more finding other similarities such as Germany and New Jersey. I found myself giving tourist advice e.g. a good restaurant nearby and other things to do. I told him he might also enjoy Beaver Lake Nature Center. We both agreed that it is wonderful to reach out to others. This chance encounter demonstrated how small the world really is.

Trees, tall and stately, stand majestic in the lake park. I try to imagine how old they are. What stories could they tell? We do not have the tall pines that I saw in Washington State or the giant trees called Redwoods in California. Some can achieve a diameter of 24 feet and live to be 2000 years old. As I young teen, I recall seeing giant pine cones from the Sequoia trees also in California.

Trees have always held a magical quality and are majestic to me. I often wonder what mysteries they hold. The trees at Onondaga Lake Park inspire me to poetry whenever I gaze upon them. For the beauty of the earth, I offer today’s poem on trees.

Our Majestic Trees

Trees listen to conversations.
They watch children play.
People work near trees
and seek shade under

outstretched arms.
Trees stand tall and
strong yet know when
to bend in the wind.

Trees whisper with their
leaves swaying about.
Trees endure and have
many colors in autumn.

They offer us beauty and
comfort. They inspire us
just as our family trees do.
They bring consolation.

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6 Responses to A Chance Encounter

  1. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, I love this post, brimming with serenity and enjoying nature to the full. The lake looks idyllic and the tree photos are so dreamy. I also often wonder what they have witnessed over the years, the stories seen and heard. Lucky you having seen the ancient trees – such a wonder. I had to smile at you becoming the tourist guide for the PA guy – a lovely encounter for you both and bet he was glad for the lift. I really liked your poem, poignant and capturing the essence of their being. How right you are with the last line: ‘They bring consolation.’ Often in Sweden I spend a happy moment lying on the ground looking up at the dancing birch trees…bringing comfort and security.

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    • Oh, how peaceful and serene your comment to me is. Lying on the ground and gazing upwards to outstretched arms to protect and cover you is a wonderful image. I recall the trees and deep blue lakes in Sweden. The poem is the result of walking at the lake where words come to me as I walk. Amazing how that happens. Thank you for your kind comment. Much appreciated. ^__^

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  2. Love your thoughts on trees and how you look for
    pleasantness in the tiniest of everyday moments! 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

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  3. Arno Bode,cologne ,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    wieder ein begeisternder Bericht der Stimmungen und Gefühle brilliant vermittelt.
    Die veröffenlichten Fotos sind eindrucksvoll und begeistern mich.
    Du hast eine wunderbare Gabe Stimmungen und Ereignisse verbal,literarisch darzustellen.
    Meine Bewunderung hierzu kennst Du ja.
    Genieße jeden Tag in einer so wundervollen Natur.
    Liebe Grüße ,auch an Deine wundervolle Familie
    Dein Arno

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