Time to Move the Hose

Water is often scarce in Colorado, and we were permitted to water on odd days of the month only since our house number ended in an odd number. One day when my sister moved the hose, she found a very long snake in the yard since we lived near the prairie which had rattlesnakes.  Later my father was sad when he learned he had needlessly harmed a bull snake.

Time to Move the Hose

Another stifling hot
Summer day in Pueblo.
Odd side of the street
So we could water

The lawn today.
Twelve hours of
Moving the hose
From spot to spot.

Dad was tired
Now so asked
My sister
To move the hose.

Startled, she shrieked.
Six foot bull snake
in the front yard.
Time for the ax.

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2 Responses to Time to Move the Hose

  1. I knew a farmer in New Jersey who swore by working long hours laying out and turning on his irrigation as a means to make it rain for certain.
    Great post. 🐞

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