Make Traditions with Family Stories

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After reconnecting with former Massachusetts cousins now scattered around the country and globe, I requested more family stories and photos since, once we moved to Colorado, we did not often visit with all the cousins and hear their stories. You will see a few photos of Uncle Joe with his brothers John, Hank, Al, and Stan and sister Vicky along with grandchildren.  We will remember all the sacrifices made during WWII and stand proudly with our military and their loved ones.

Henry “Hank” Niemczura was the first to move West to California where he flew helicopters and worked in aviation. John, my father, moved his family to Colorado when I was 10.  The other brothers and sister Joe, Al, Vicky and Stan remained in Massachusetts.  All are now deceased except for Stan who lives with his wife in Florida.  Some of my cousins have escaped the harsh New England winters and now live in Florida as well.


The family photo today shows my relatives when they were much younger and includes the family matriarch, Anna Niemczura, affectionately called Babci or Babciu. I have retained a few Polish words and hear some spoken when I travel to my relatives still in Massachusetts.  My last name means “the German girl” and I find it very meaningful that I became a German teacher.  And before my grandmother came to the U.S. in her 20s, she told stories of going over the border and working in Germany.


I saw a photo of Uncle Joe dressed in a kilt and at first, accused my cousin Joe of photo-shopping the picture.  Not so, Joe said that our Uncle Joe was recovering from wounds during WWII for which he received a purple heart and was in England and Scotland.  My cousin Betsy says that the store where the photo was taken provided the kilt and the background.  Imagine that I never heard the story until now!  So I am passing it on as we celebrate our July 4th weekend.

Perhaps families can turn off the technology and take to one another again and remember family stories. Honor the oral tradition of telling stories again.
























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8 Responses to Make Traditions with Family Stories

  1. Arno Bode,cologne ,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    erstaunlich beeindruckend wie Du schriftstellerisch die Ausweitung Deiner Erzählungen über Deine Familie und Verwandten darstellst.Bewundernswert ist auch Deine verbale Darstellung.
    Es bereitet große Leserfreude die Geschichte Deiner Familie kennen zu lernen.Du schaffst es Deine Leser in die Spannung zu versetzen ,daß man schon auf die nächste Fortsetzung Deiner Erzählung wartet.
    Liebe Grüße und weiterhin alle Guten Wünsche
    Dein Arno

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    • Lieber Arno,
      und so ist mein Zweck, wenn ich schreibe. Ich hoffe, meine Leser erfahren genau, was ich erfahren habe. I am a story teller at heart. In teaching I often used this technique. It is with passion and feeling that I tell me stories. I am so glad you understand my intent when I write and look forward to my next post.. May you have a wonderful week ahead. Many greetings to you and yours.
      Deine Mary Ann 🙂


  2. Bun Karyudo says:

    I read your posts in reverse order, so I’d just learned about your family’s ancestry by the time I got to this post. When I first glanced at the picture of your Uncle Joe, I had a hard time imagining which part of Poland or Germany he was from. 🙂

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    • Top photo, bottom right is Uncle Joe. We still are trying to learn the identity of the girl next to my grandmother and believe it is someone in my grandmother’s sister’s family. I did not know that my grandmother’s sister had come to the US until I posted the blog! Imagine finding that out! My Uncle Joe is in the kilt and in all three black and white photos which I had never seen. I regret that we don’t have more photos of my father’s and mother’s family when they were growing up. Thanks for your comment. When I looked on the map for the town my father had in Poland, I note that is in present-day Southern Poland. The next post speaks more of that. 🙂

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