Life flows, cascades, and splashes,
on. Roars, then slows and becomes

Endless blue, cloudless skies,
watch the waters below and
quench our thirst.

Above now, spindly swaying branches
and leaves , fast-moving clouds emerge
and portend an impending storm.

Raging rivers and streams hasten
their pace and pound mercilessly
on the rocks below.

Take shelter now until the
angry sky and gushing waters

4057_081915_rainbow in CR

Rainbows appear.
Life is tranquil once more.
Our mortal lives

endeavor to comprehend
the strife, the wax and


Photo credits: Sally Rose Dolak and Emily Nemecek

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16 Responses to Life

  1. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, this is such a beautiful poem. Your last words: ‘Our mortal lives/
    endeavor to comprehend/
    the strife, the wax and/
    wane.’ packing an emotional punch and so true.The photographs are stunning – a visual delight!

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    • Thanks so much for your insightful comment. My niece Sally lives in Costa Rica and currently posts daily photos. Her photos are breathtaking and inspire poetry as did the first one of the waterfall cascading on the rocks. And my daughter sent the palm tree and turtle photos. Life is quite a journey at times so I wrote the poem intending to convey the message of life’s meaning. You might like to see Sally’s blog as well. Interestingly, she uses “life” in her title:
      Thank you again for your visit today. I am glad you enjoyed the poem and am humbled by your kind words.

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      • Annika Perry says:

        What a wonderfully creative family and I enjoyed seeing some more of Sally’s photos on her blog – quite magical and surreal at times. An amazing landscape! Oh, I find life is a rollercoaster of a journey all the time!😀

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      • Thank you for saying that about Sally. She is an early riser and patient with getting her photos and very modest. I feel they need to have a larger audience; thus, I got permission to use some. She has an artist’s eye and captures moments with her camera.
        Your description of life as a rollercoaster is so spot on. Each moment so different and no two the same. Blink and your children are grown and gone, living their own lives. Thank you for the thoughtful comment.

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  2. Arno Bode,cologne,Germany says:

    Liebe mary Ann,das Betrachten deiner ins netz gestellten Fotos erfüllt mich mit großer Freude.Gerade Naturbilder verdeutlichen ,das ohne Wasser und Sonne kaum Leben möglich wäre.Die ausgesuchten Fotos ,die Du ins Netz stellst senden eine stets spezielle Botschaft.Nachdenken oder auch Anstoß zum träumen.Gleichzeitig sind Deine Fotos auch Inspiration zum selber fotogafieren.Mit offenen Augen durch die Welt zu gehen und die schönen Dinge des Lebens zur Kenntnis zu nehmen.Der Fotograf Helmut Newton sagte mir einmal in einem Gespräch über Fotografie : Motiv,Blickwinkel und Lichtverhältnisse sind ausschlaggebend
    das die vom Fotogafen gewollte Botschaft Resonanz beim Betrachter findet.Dieses Vorhaben verwirklichst Du mit deinen Veröffenlichungen ganz hervorragend.Danke Dir dafür.Liebe Grüße Arno

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    • Your kind and thoughtful comments are much appreciated. Most of the photos were done in Costa Rica by my niece who blogs from there and some from my daughter. The tropical climate in Costa Rica is in sharp contrast to the Upstate New York climate. You aptly saw that the inspiration for my poem about Life was inspired by her photos. Sometimes all one needs is poetry and an inspiring photo. Life is good. Thank you again.
      Lieber Arno,
      Deine Art und durchgedacte Kommentare werden sehr geschätzt. die meisten Fotos wurden in Costa Rica durch meine Nichte gemacht, die sich von dort bloggt und einige von meiner Tochter. Das tropische Klima in Costa Rica steht in krassem Gegensatz zu der Upstate New York Klima. Du hast gesehen, treffend, dass die Inspiration für mein Gedicht über das Leben durch ihre Fotos inspiriert wurde. Manchmal braucht man nur ein inspirierendes Foto für die Poesie. Das Leben ist gut. Nochmals herzlichen Dank. Liebe Grüße Mary Ann 🙂


  3. BunKaryudo says:

    I like the periods of blue sky and rainbows rather better than the being smashed on rocks. Life has plenty of both, though. 🙂

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  4. thelittlelai says:

    Great blog post, and your pictures are simply stunning.

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