Nature’s Inspiration


Nature has been my constant companion since my childhood days growing up in Massachusetts and later in Colorado. My niece Sally and her blog from Costa Rica are inspirations for my writing and creativity. I can always turn to her images from a tropical climate so unlike the one we experience in Upstate New York. So it is that one of her recent photos depicting the sun’s rays remained with me in thought and inspired a new poem.

As we wind down the year and relax after raising our voices in song for the Christmas season, we prepare for a new year ahead. We are simply in the moment enjoying family and the love we share.

CR 7621_12415_spring

Outstretched Fingers

Radiating downward from
the heavenly sky, the light’s
outstretched fingers gently
provide light and warmth.

Abundant lush green
growth offers a soft bed, a
place to rest my head
and a comforting shelter.

Nature offers a sense of
relief from the stress
and pounding pace of
modern life. Relaxation.

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4 Responses to Nature’s Inspiration

  1. Annika Perry says:

    Lovely poem Mary Ann full of peace and tranquility. We definitely need some of that in between all the festivities of the season! Best wishes for the New Year to you and your family.

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  2. Darshana says:

    Nice poem about nature

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