Falling Leaves

IMG_0943IMG_082720141027_140119_resized_3fall in CNYIMG_0927

Enjoying the last few fall days before the onslaught of winter white covering the ground, I came across a beautiful area in downtown with colorful fall leaves as if waiting for my photograph. Record-breaking temperatures beckoned people outdoors to bask in the warmth. Reds, oranges, yellows glanced at us through the sun. This is the time of year we enjoy nature and holidays. Warm soups and stews and freshly baked pies in the oven await us with spice-filled smells. As we prepare to remember all those who served so valiantly in the military on Veteran’s Day, let us silently thank them all in prayer and thank aloud all those currently serving in the military. They are our heroes. Thank you for your service and dedication.


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6 Responses to Falling Leaves

  1. BunKaryudo says:

    I love that water feature on the building. It’s very pretty. I can just imagine the cheerful splashing sound too.

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