Boo! Happy Halloween!



Growing up in rural Western Massachusetts, I recall my father raking the leaves into huge piles in late fall and good-naturedly allowing us to jump into the piles. With rosy red cheeks, we went into the kitchen to get hot chocolate which our mother had made us. We warmed ourselves in front of one of our fireplaces. Today I am closer to my New England roots and can enjoy the vivid colors Nature provides us. I still remember our shrieks of laughter as we ran into the piles of leaves. It’s the simple things in life which are so near and dear to my heart.


Ode to Fall

Weeks of ongoing winter preparations:
squirrels scurry back and forth full of activity;
confused blue jays, having been displaced by
felled trees near our house, nearly fly into our windows.

Winds howl. Leaves fall softly to the ground to
fashion a soft blanket. As Nature changes clothes,
I reach into the bushel basket of our harvested
apple crop to start cooking and baking.

It’s soup season again with warm, fragrant broths
to welcome us home at the end of our day.
Bowls brimming with Fall vegetables and
crunchy rolls fresh from the oven with butter.

Time to hunker down and store up for the
long winter ahead. We take more time to visit
with one another over a steaming hot chocolate
or cider. Conversations about the holidays ahead.




Little teeth marks
left on discarded apples
red flecks spit out
one mouthful consumed
and randomly left behind
weary now of picking them
up again, I ignore and
leave them for the
creatures. Perhaps the
first snow will conceal it all.

IMG_090412182211_884718001515_318911422_n5698 moonset 100115IMG_0905IMG_0932

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4 Responses to Boo! Happy Halloween!

  1. Takayo Sasaki says:

    Happy all saints! All saints and all souls are my favorite days, hence halloween too.

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  2. Tom says:

    Beautiful pictures to accompany your poetic words of autumn 🙂
    Aptly ascribing to autumn poetic words with aplomb. That’s a fun sentence.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for writing and liking the blog photos and my poetry. You should turn your sentence into a poem as well. You may like another blogger called Mytwosentences who writes only two sentences for each post along with a photo. Enjoy!


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