It Seems Only Yesterday

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Knowing more than one language is good for mental health. It is one of the side benefits that all language teachers are aware of. Both our spiritual and cultural well-being are affected. Being cognizant of other languages empowers us to validate our dignity and cultural heritage. The bilingual and multilingual brain have shown both emotional as well as cognitive benefits. As a writer, it is fascinating for me to discern how brain functions and the forces of nature compel me to create and write poetry. Grateful for the gift of multiple languages, I smile inwardly as I yield to my writing.

Although twenty-five years have slipped by now, it seems only yesterday when my father was summoned from his earthly life. A sudden double rainbow was a joyful reminder of my parents reaching out to converse. My soul uttered their names and silently thanked them for their love with a visible sign in the sky. The month of October is especially poignant with several family members departing this earthly life, flying off like butterflies. Gently. Silently. Peacefully. Unfettered.

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You slipped away in the night

It seems only yesterday
when an Angel came for you
with soundless footsteps
softly in the shadows

while you slept. You
heeded the gentle call
and quietly tiptoed away
from us on your journey

home from whence you came.
The rainbow comforted me
as I traversed the shoreline trail
at the lake. I miss you but
am at peace now.

You were a kind, gentle man
who remains with me daily
in all that I do.
It seems only yesterday.

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Credit to my niece Sally’s photography of butterflies and other views of nature. You can find her blog about Costa Rica at

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7 Responses to It Seems Only Yesterday

  1. One of my Dad’s favorite hymns Amazing Grace can be found here in a different version of Native Americans. Peace and BE.


  2. Takayo Sasaki says:

    Learning a second language is exactly learning a second culture. And you realize there is another way to think.

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    • Another way of thinking is what many people need. Those fortunate ones who learn one or more languages are way ahead in all aspects of life. I laud you your knowledge of languages and cultures! The Native American version of Amazing Grace sung in Cherokee is a fine example of languages and cultures. How wonderful it is! Thank you for your comment.


  3. Emily says:

    Beautiful pictures and poem 🙂 I really enjoyed the blog post as well. It would have been a pleasure to have known grandpa as an adult, but it was nice to have had the opportunity to meet him while I was a child. I’m sure we carry a piece of him everywhere we go. Xoxo

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    • Thank you, Emily. You would have loved him as an adult as well. He kept a special place in his heart for all his children and grandchildren. He was kind and gentle and remains in our hearts and minds even today. Say a prayer from time to time.


  4. Tom says:

    Very moving blog post and poem. The emotion can be felt.

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