A Surprise Visitor


We had a surprise visit from a leopard the other day. Actually a leopard frog. He sat cozily in a flower pot out front and didn’t mind my photo-taking. My husband noticed this visitor who blended right in its surroundings. I enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer us especially these last few days of late summer and early fall. Even my niece living in Costa Rica offered a glimpse of a busy visitor she had, a yellow furry caterpillar, quickly moving about its business. I am a fan of her photography especially of all the creatures in Mother Nature in her part of the world.

Growing up in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, we relished exploring the outdoors and woods on our property. Salamanders, snakes, frogs and such roamed freely. We decided to surprise our parents with a gift of about forty-five orange squirming salamanders. It never ceases to amaze me how many visitors we have in the suburbs near protected wetlands: deer, rabbits, chipmunks and skunks to name a few. Even the occasional fox is out.

Some of our gardens are now on the wane now that cooler nights have arrived. I long for a drive to view the fall leaves as they turn brilliant hues of reds, oranges and gold. It’s my favorite time of year in the Northeast. Out West the Colorado mountain aspen trees are also turning this time of year. Squirrels scurry about trying to bury the acorns. Do they even remember where they are? Mother Nature’s wonders abound and bring a smile to my face.

When my husband commented there was a breach in the garden, and he had lost several vegetables, he referred to the rather large and well-fed rabbits hopping about the neighborhood. After erecting the garden fence, he noticed three fat rabbits seated next to one another outside the fence looking in to the forbidden bounty they could no longer feast upon.


I strolled down the lake park this past week hoping to glimpse a striking morning sky as the sun rose. Instead there was a strong wind indicating the impending rain storm later in the day. I’ll have to make a return visit to see the inside of the Salt Museum. Salt was a big industry in early Syracuse days when the Erie Canal was full of activity. History was one of my minors in college, and I am always fascinated to read signs and accounts of historical events in places I travel.

IMG_0009IMG_0004 (2)

And last but not least to be enjoyed are the ponds behind our church with a bench to sit and watch the fish flit back and forth the lily pads. The calming and healing effects of water draw me in. As I pause to take it all in, I am at peace. My walks in nature will continue until the first snow falls. For now, I’ll enjoy the warmth of the last few sunny days and the colorful beauty and proffer my readers a couple poems for their reading pleasure.


Neighborhood Excitement

A breach in the garden
caused us toil and labor.
Erected a fence to keep
the big, fat rabbits out.

Two apples appeared
ready to pick on the
new tree. Alas, I tarried
too long. Deer paid a

nocturnal visit to
savor the crisp
morsels. Oh my!
Wait until next year.

A bigger crop of
apples. But why do
they disappear in such
large numbers now?

A neighbor scolded
the young boys one day.
Seems they made a game of
throwing apples at one another.

No one seems interested
this year when there are
apples to spare. Who will
assist? Squirrels, deer, kids?



A Leopard in Suburbia

Having grown accustomed to
creatures meandering the
property, I spied an unusual
sight in the flowerpot.

A leopard frog sunning
and enjoying the warm day.
Don’t let me disturb your
afternoon nap, dear sir.


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2 Responses to A Surprise Visitor

  1. Alyssa Sherry says:

    I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy nature! 😃 And its funny that you brought your parents salamanders…I’m sure they appreciated that! Haha

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