Nature’s Overture

Costa Rica sunrisecolorful sky1Costa Ricasunset slice 07012015sunset 06142015Costa RicaIMG_05753580 080715 sunrise 8.8.15 costa rica

Abundant, vibrant, ever-changing
hues. First warm and welcoming,
then desolate, harsh, cold,
blustery, and cruel. Why I wonder?

This dichotomy of death
on a sweltering, hot summer
day as birds sing and
nurture their young is so
heartrending. Why?

11807608_416860731848298_7945221683765805286_oCosta Rica071815 ssunrisedove feeding babymot mot

Trying, yet failing to fathom
the meaning, I gaze upon the
soft cumulus blanket dancing above
in the bright blue sky.
Why now? Why me?

IMG_0574IMG_0577crested caracara

This irrevocable deed causes
bewilderment. This ultimate verdict
affords no abatement of grief
and suffering. Where do I find
comfort for this sadness? How?

Nature’s lush, ever-changing,
uneven palette of hues mix with
musical notes. Consoling words
of prayer assuage now. Sorrows
disappear with nature’s polyphony.

11147139_417185771815794_3189648751088841804_oCosta Rica3262 080215 sunsetphoto (6)sunrise north 06282015Costa Ricamoon 06302015in Costa Ricafull moon

Some photos courtesy of Sally Dolak and her blog from Costa Rica. Thank you for your inspiring photography.

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5 Responses to Nature’s Overture

  1. My niece Sally’s photography on her blog is simply stellar! The photos provided the visual backdrop for my poem this week. Kudos to you, Sally.


  2. Sally says:

    Your poem is moving, and I can feel your sorrow. Nature always soothes… Thanks for sharing some of my photos.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Tom says:

    Very nice prose! And I can feel the emotion in your words.

    Liked by 1 person

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