How Family Encompasses All Humanity

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Timeless family stories are documented everywhere. Our humanity unites us, and we are all more alike than we are different. Every time I travel to other countries, I am reminded of how family love unites and strengthens us. We all have different stories, languages, cultures and experiences, but we are all ONE family and interwoven with one another. I am constantly reminded and amazed at the same time when I consider our similar life experiences no matter where we may live.

DSCN2775 (2)DSCN2780

Yesterday my cousin John celebrated his 80th birthday in the state of Washington surrounded by his family. Now in his ninth decade, John still marvels at life in general. As we age, we become more introspective and realize the paths our lives have taken. When two Mooney sisters from Monson, Massachusetts, both became registered nurses and later married men named John, they embarked on married lives first in Massachusetts and then in New Mexico and in Colorado. Raton and Pueblo were four hours apart by car so it was a treat to visit with cousins on the Murphy side of the family. So close and yet so far sometimes.

And as happens in many families, there were countless moves and travels both in the US and abroad. When I studied in Heidelberg, I met up with John and his family when he was stationed in Germany. My cousin was an Army man and retired as a Colonel. Three times he was a paratrooper in Vietnam jumping from helicopters. He now lives about one hour away from one of my sisters in the state of Washington. We are scattered all over now and seldom get to see one another. So I was happy to see family photos of this milestone birthday. We have been blessed with family love, the bond that unites us. Happy Birthday, cousin John! Many happy returns.

Grandpa & Nana Mooney in Monson 19450001Mary Ann, Sheila, Jean with braids in CO0001


Two sisters, both nurses from Monson,
Seven children between them:
Six daughters, one son.
Irish and Polish heritages.

Different temperaments,
all ONE family.
Interesting how family trees
grow and multiply.

Both sisters married men
whose first name was John.
Hoping for a better future
for their children, the

sisters moved West
with their families;
one to Raton, New Mexico;
the other to Pueblo, Colorado.

Reunited for cousin John’s 80th
birthday. A milestone reached.
Celebrated surrounded by
family, smiles for the camera,

abounding in Love.
Timeless family stories
are documented everywhere.
Humanity – ONE family.


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2 Responses to How Family Encompasses All Humanity

  1. Tom says:

    That’s a really nice post and poem at the end. There is peace and love within those words.


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