Weekend Freedom



Seeking escape and solace, I took a  window seat at my favorite coffee shop. The early morning light and sun danced on the green leaves swaying on the trees in the gentle breeze and played peek-a-boo with dots of blue sky revealing itself now and again.  Sipping a double espresso and allowing my thoughts to wander, I commenced what promised to be a beautiful day.

Our hanging flower baskets on the front porch have for many years been home to birds who build nests in them and lay their eggs.  Their early morning songs have entertained me.  I thought I might check on their progress and take some new photos.  Instead, I saw beaks and eyes observing me from the nest, and as I moved closer, the birds flew off to nearby bushes and trees.  We had startled one another.  I smiled as I took it all in and enjoyed the  moment.  Their chatter probably said that the intruder was present so I simply observed as they flitted about.

Donning my garden Birkenstocks, I walked through the wet grass to view the gardens and trees.  Promises of things to come are tiny buds and beginnings of raspberries, apples, tomatoes and other vegetables.  There is a time and place for everything in the universe.  We are all part of the grand scheme of things.  The abundance of summer is now upon us with promises of fresh fruits and vegetables.

With no alarm clock to awaken me on weekend mornings, I bask in leisurely moments with no impending interruptions save the laundry and meals.  The hectic events of the week are behind me as I savor a mini-weekend vacation.  Life is good. A phone call with a friend to catch up on events makes the start of the day complete.   Acceptance helps me put behind the worries and woes and to focus on the beauty of the moment.  Life is too short to be small.

Seeking Solace

By the window
Thoughts flow
In the early morning.
A glimpse, a word.

The day unfolds,
Tasks await.
No alarm clock –
Weekend freedom.

IMG_0473 - CopyIMG_0470IMG_0469IMG_0461IMG_0440IMG_0323


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2 Responses to Weekend Freedom

  1. JM says:

    Your descriptions of nature and all its glories make me feel as if I am there!

    Liked by 2 people

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