The Morning Polyphony

The outdoors beckoned to me this morning. As I walked in the wet grass to our gardens, I paused to listen to the birds’ polyphony. The multiplicity of sounds astonished me. Armed with my digital camera, I captured images of nature’s abundance still covered with the morning dew. I stood in awe and gazed full of wonder. Spring comes rather late to our neck of the woods, and it’s more like a few days before the summer heat advances. The morning hours have always been special to me. It is a time to meditate, pray and reflect. After waiting for the Lily of the Valley to finally be ready, I smiled at the numerous fragrant blossoms which I will pick for a tiny vase to keep nearby me.


In the morning calm and stillness, my soul is renewed as I listen to the many birds bustling and singing to one another. The worries of the past week simply melt away. I am alone now in nature and perceive that I am now alive in the moment and can focus on all things beautiful in the garden and trees. I am just a tiny speck in the large universe. All is well now. I will say silent prayers to my mother, grandmother and to all those who have gone before me. And later I will attend a funeral for a special lady who led us all by her example. She dedicated her life to others, and we will pay tribute to her.


The colors of the flowers delight my eyes. The trees have bursts of green now and just a couple weeks ago, they appeared still barren. Like the artist, nature paints the landscape with big bold brush strokes now. It seems the celebration has begun. The vegetable garden will also yield a healthy dose of freshness that only young, tender produce offers us. After an arduous winter, I smile at the beauty surrounding me and am grateful. Life is a winding path, and the journey we take is uniquely ours and like no other. It is good to ponder and reminisce.

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2 Responses to The Morning Polyphony

  1. Tom says:

    This is a really good post. The pictures were delightful to look at and the words poetic alongside. The stillness of the morning and beauty of spring came across in the lines you wrote. “Life is a winding path, and the journey we take is uniquely ours and like no other.” Very true.

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    • Thank you for your kind words. The poet in me was alive as I gazed at the spring blossoms and listened to the birds in the early morning. May you have smooth sailing through life’s journey. Your comments are much appreciated.


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