Nature Changes Clothes

IMG_0196 red bush  IMG_0199

Snow fell along the lake this
April morning as I walked
and observed nature in
its frozen glory. Birds
above carried on conversations
with one another. Lots of flooding
and displaced ducks and geese
tried to decide where to alight
in this enigma called spring.

Observing this, I contemplated
life with its many hidden meanings
in the mostly silent landscape.
Peaceful, calm and quieting, I felt
my body take it all in. I was in awe.
The never-ending activity unfolded
before my eyes. Tree limbs stood bare,
bravely shivering in the breeze.
Winter still refused to yield its

grasp on the snow-covered lake. Now
the sun shone forth with a gentle breeze
to temper the merciless wrath of winter.
Mesmerized by it all, I enjoyed this snowy Saturday
morning in early April. The robins have
been chirping and listening for worms.
This all begs the question: will spring ever really
arrive this year? We listen, wait and hope.
Soon colors will appear and warmth awaits.

IMG_0200 IMG_0197

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2 Responses to Nature Changes Clothes

  1. Tom says:

    I love your poetic description of the spring and winter struggle taking place. It seems like it may be a later spring this year, but the flowers will be in bloom soon enough.

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    • It seems that this year, the struggle between winter and spring is especially difficult. Spring is ever hopeful and flowers are pushing up out of the ground. There will be a burst of green on trees as the buds open. Quite suddenly and almost overnight, it seems to occur.


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