Last Glimpses…

zinnia & butterfly photo

The wind blows the last remnants of summer away. Most of the leaves have blown off the trees. They swirl about in doorways and in every nook and cranny. As I stepped outside this morning into the crisp air and viewed the garden zinnias bending in the wind, I was reminded of what was yet to come. Mother Nature allows us to feel some few hours of warmth before the sun goes down, and the chill is in the air again. Winter is not far off. I enjoy and recall with fondness the New England days of fall when my Dad raked leaves and left them in piles for us to jump into with laughter, and my mother was busy with canning fruits and vegetables.

Life is a balancing act. We struggle to maintain some semblance of normalcy despite setbacks which I refer to as life’s bumpy road. This month found us purchasing a new microwave and dishwasher. Then Murphy’s Law was evident when we discovered some minor amount of water in the basement – again. The county water department supervisor came out to check the problem and attempt to correct it. We enjoyed a lovely chat in the cool morning chill just before 8 AM outside in the driveway. He mentioned loving history in college and was delighted when I gave him a copy of my book. Trying to keep events in perspective is important and helps me overcome life’s frustrations. In the big scheme of things, these are all minor inconveniences.

The mere glimpse of the last of the garden zinnias evoked a flood of memories which made my brain compose poetry. Collards and parsley still thrive at this time of year. My fall weekend ritual of reaching out to speak with friends on the phone was completed when I told my friend I still used her recipe when my daughter and I cooked a pot of collards. Caught up in the throes of dementia, my friend still recognized my voice and remembered the recipe she gave me years ago. I will close today’s blog entry with a poem from my book about collards:

I learned about a
Good collard recipe
From a librarian friend
Of mine.

Olive oil, garlic
Over medium heat.
Wash and tear the greens
Off the thick stems.

Discard the stems.
Cook in chicken broth
For about three hours
And serve as soup

A giant boost of vitamins
And energy
This green soup.
A family favorite.

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