Late Autumn is here

About this time of year in most US states, people are enjoying state fairs.  New York’s state fair is held in Syracuse.  I love to go to the 4-H building to see the various displays and projects from fresh garden produce, to baked goods and sewing projects plus many, many more which were not available to me when I participated in the Bonnie Belles of Belmont in Pueblo, Colorado.  I remember vividly the glass-enclosed kitchen where I was observed for more than four hours as I prepared a meal for four people with a budget of $2.50.  Imagine doing that today.  This was 1960 or so when I won the State Championship for Food Preparation with four judges enjoying the meal I had prepared and rating me on it. The meal consisted of Liver a la Creole, baked sweet potatoes, Waldorf Salad, Lemon Fluff, and coffee.

This time of year reminds of the changing seasons and fall upon us.  It meant winds whipping across the prairies with the accompanying dust storms.  I learned about tumbleweeds in Colorado when we moved there from Massachusetts.  I wrote a poem in my book about these tumbleweeds raging furiously about.   They bounced across streets, hitting car windshields, and anyone walking about.  They were sharp and hurt if you were hit.

It is also time to start school in many towns and cities.  I am now on the other side of the desk where I will enter my 48th year of teaching German to young, inquiring minds.  Now I have different preparations and things to look forward to especially with the changing world of technology which I blissfully try to embrace.  Sometimes with more success than at other times.  So, armed with new gadgets and professional development classes behind me,  I enter the new school year and try to teach myself the new phone systems recently installed in our building as well try to teach those students in my classes.  Later in September new locks on doors will be installed.  Mostly though, I anticipate the new students in class and those returning.  We will talk about our summers and learn more about one another as the year unfolds.

Excitement and anticipation abound as we begin yet another academic year.  What awaits us?  Only time will tell.  What joy and fun this is!

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2 Responses to Late Autumn is here

  1. Emily Nemecek says:

    Great blogs, I enjoy reading them! You do a great job of telling stories and relating present thoughts to past experiences and creating visuals in our minds. Creates smiles and positivity in our day 🙂


    • I do so appreciate your lovely insights to my blog entries. You definitely understand how I give my readers capsules of life for them to reflect. Keep reading and commenting. Thanks again. Think positive thoughts. One smile goes a long way.


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