What is important?

Three things are important to me and were growing up in Massachusetts and in Colorado.

Family-we had the luxury of a stay at home mom which I believe made all the difference in growing up.  We did not have babysitters come in.  My parents were simply always there for all of us children.  These were simpler times in the 40s and 50s when families made do with less.  I remember my parents growing most of the fruits and vegetables we needed.  My mother canned a lot for the winter months.  We kept potatoes in cold storage in the basement in Massachusetts.  We were happy and well fed.  Our mother sewed most of our clothes as well.  We knew we were well loved.

Faith-we attended church regularly which formed a strong foundation for our character and beliefs. We participated in religious education at church as well.  Parents who give their children a strong faith which they practice regularly afford them a strong moral being.

Education-my family valued education above almost everything else.  We knew that we were expected to do our homework well, and it was a given that we would all go on to college after high school.  We were also given the gift of music via piano lessons both in Massachusetts as well as in Colorado.  Music lessons and diligent practice helped us enormously in school.  It is my firm belief that children who play a musical instrument including voice have a better chance of success in school.  They learn to listen and to read as well as to memorize more quickly. 

Carrying on the family tradition of a loving family life, we provided our two children a strong religious faith, gave them the gift of music as well as an education.  There is hope for the future if parents are involved with their children, read to their children, practice their faith with their children and if parents send a very clear message that education should be at the top of the list after family and faith.  Then we might have fewer morally bankrupt persons in society.

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2 Responses to What is important?

  1. Marcus Ampe says:

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    In this world were morals, ethics and values are gone it is not bad to stand still for a moment and to wonder what made us unto what we are today.

    Let us never forget those who are behind our making process, our parents, teachers, guides, and all the material which came under our eyes (books, theatre pieces, films, artefacts, …)

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    • Thank you kindly for the reblog. I wish for all young people today the same basic foundation of family, faith and education. They need to turn off their tech gadgets from time to time and learn to think again and be in the moment. It is only then that creative thought is allowed to flourish. I am forever grateful to my parents, teachers and mentors and passed on the gifts to our children. Your kind words are truly appreciated.

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